Mentorship 2020

Mentor and Mentee

In the making since the second half of 2019, the plan has evolved into something far from my predictions.

When I originally approached Che Chorley about a mentorship he was living on the coast about 40km south of my home in Adelaide. However a work and lifestyle change came up that saw Che transfer 3,000kms north to Darwin.

The plan was to seek his support as I embarked on learning new skills and thrashing around ideas for a new work I am developing on the human impact on marine environments.

Timelines were impacted by the pandemic of course, but we adjusted. The plan was modified to have a mix of video call sessions along with a number of hands-on sessions over a short period in Darwin, August 2020.

I am really looking forward to getting in the water and spending time with Che and I will share some of the work in progress as I track towards the Feb 2021 launch of a new solo exhibition.

If you are not familiar with Che Chorley you may recall a story about an adventurous photographer who went on a expedition for over 5 months along the entire South Australian coastline (Land Sea You Me). Other spectacular work is made bobbing in the ocean.

Special thanks to the Helpmann Academy Elevate Mentorship Program for their funding support.