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SALA Awards Finalist

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as a finalist in two SALA Awards for 2016.

The Centre for Creative Photography Latent Image Award


The Atkins Photo Lab Award.

Full list of awards on SALA website.

The 2016 SALA Festival program was released Saturday July 9th.

The Only Natural exhibition will be open from July 29th to September 30th.

Below is a preview of the exhibition.

The title was inspired by how the image evoked a sense of an aerial photograph of a series of dirt roads in a desolate red earth landscape.
The leaves were collected from Rymill Park near East Terrace in Adelaide. Blue spray paint used to mark out long lines through the park for an event or excavation has coloured these leaves.
Te Waikoropupu Springs in New Zealand contain some of the clearest water ever measured.
Like looking into the sun, it is hard to focus. Our eyes shift between clarity and blur.
At twenty times the original size, this section of the leaf was about 20mm x 20mm (less than one inch square).
Coloured smoke or haze comes to mind. The red receding to reveal a yellow background. Detail of a nectarine.
A detail of a much larger image.
Another detail of a larger image.
Scattered clouds above a horizon. Detail of a graffiti eggplant.
Perhaps one of the more recognisable items although it still does stump some people. Top view of an apple.
Cantalupo refers to the fruit and also a town in Italy. Cantaloupe nel Sannio is a small town in southern Italy and the image helped me draw a connection between the street structure of such an historic town. Cantaloupe or Cantelope are names given to rock melon. The exterior of a rockmelon lacks colour so I used black and white to bring the emphasis to the textural features.

SALA at Jolleys 01

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only natural art 2016 is a specific web address that has been set up for this exhibition.
The address has redirected to the website of the artist presenting the SALA exhibition
as he has a more difficult name to remember and spell.