This is the only photograph in the exhibition that was staged. It was prearranged to take this shot early on a Saturday evening. The team had already been working preparing for dinner but at 6.00pm they all downed tools and marched out of the restaurant and under the bridge. You can just make out some chairs in the restaurant in the distance on the right hand side in the picture above.

The staff were only posing for this for about 90 seconds before returning to the kitchen.

I had preselected the location the night before but at that time I was not aware that a school holiday program was going decorate the ground under the bridge with chalk drawings earlier that day.




After midnight in a discreet area outside the restaurant staff wind down after catering for a private function.


 Looking towards the setting sun in the west the coloured cloudy sky and the King William Street bridge are reflected in the River Torrens.

Neville_Cichon_Four_Doors_Jolleys_Boathouse_RestaurantFour individual photographs are brought together to highlight the number of doorways where there was constant traffic circulating throughout the kitchen and storage areas.


At lunchtime in the middle of June the sun is low in the sky and streams in over the tables.

Previously unpublished photographs that were not exhibited.



Just finished work around 11.00pm.


A concept I was testing bringing together the incoming meal orders with a seating and staff allocation plan.