Mapping the Anthropocene

I had originally planned to travel to New Zealand in September 2020 to participate in the Mapping the Anthropocene Symposium presented by the Dunedin School of Art.

Adjusting for COVID-19 I am pleased that I am still able to tune into the sessions online and also have my Fire and Flood showcase displayed on a dedicated flat screen as part of The Complete Entanglement of Everything exhibition.

Mapping the Anthropocene in Ötepoti / Dunedin brings together mana whenua, artists, designers and architects, scientists and speakers from the environmental humanities to present a picture of where we are as we learn to live with and act in the changing environment some call the Anthropocene.

The term refers to the human-induced changes to our world’s systems. The hui is nested within an exhibition at theDunedin School of Art, Te Maru Pümanawa | College of Creative Practice and Enterprise.

The hui also reflects Dunedin School of Art’s 150th anniversary and its role within the cultural life of Ötepoti/Dunedin.Today’s world is troubling and confusing. Together we are entangled in an increasingly complex world thatchallenges our knowledge and our feelings. Artworks can help us to negotiate this complexity as they offer an alternative space to contemplate the global and the local, the self and the wider, collective world shared by human and non-human alike that is so increasingly affected by our actions.

The hui takes place over Saturday and Sunday, with a celebration of the exhibitions on Saturday evening. Allare welcome to the exhibition celebration, while registration is necessary for the conference presentations. Read more at

Download Exhibition Catalogue.