Festival of Climate Action

The School Strike for Climate Friday October 15, 2021 will kick off a long term project for me documenting climate protests. As we head towards Glasgow and a Federal election I expect ample opportunities to hit the streets with my camera.

A unique twist to this project is the collection of Placards from protests that I will use as part of an exhibition in late 2022.

Between 12pm and 2pm I will have a table in Victoria Square, Adelaide after the SS4C March for donations of unwanted placards to be made. Special thanks to the Festival of Climate Action for giving me a spot next to the Food Trucks.

Do checkout the huge program of the Festival that will go through to Sunday afternoon.

For those visiting this website for the first timeĀ I am an Adelaide based Visual Artist who has produced three exhibitions previously on Climate Change themes ( bushfires 2017, coastal erosion 2018 and the human impact on marine environments 2021).

Between 12.00pm and 2.00pm.
Come over to the tables near the Food Trucks.
You can leave them anonymously or provide some extra info about your placard that I can use when displaying them in an exhibition sometime in the future.