Filter Exhibition

A small archive of images and text from the Filter exhibition.

Diverse photographic methods combine to reflect the past, present and future of our changing coastal environment.

Artist in Residence Exhibition
22 September to 27 October 2018
Sauerbier House culture exchange
21 Wearing Street, Port Noarlunga.Filter-Sauerbier House - Hallway-Gallery-Neville-Cichon


Artist statement
We often hear a lot of small numbers in relation to climate change.
One degree temperature rise. One centimetre sea level rise.
No cause for alarm surely? Seemingly so small,
but how does this translate to our own backyard?

During this residency I learnt a little more about what these numbers mean and the projections for the future.

My art practice explores ways to bring an Australian perspective to the discussion on climate change. Far removed from the visuals of icebergs and polar bears, the beach is ingrained into Australian culture. These works signal the relationship between a global phenomenon and the host of our recreational or lifestyle desires.

My time as an artist in residence at Sauerbier House provided an opportunity to experiment with photography and its capacity to convey ideas about the challenges ahead. For example, studio photography can heighten our connection to objects while long exposure and abstract works encourage contemplation and wide ranging interpretations.

Works were created in response to information on climate change impacts sourced from specialist reports and experts on coastal management. Just as important were the hours, either during the day or under a full moon, experiencing the coastline in all weather conditions.

Sea levels rise with the melting of the ice caps. Warming oceans add to that rise through thermal expansion. This is a given for many people. Are we willing to see our idyllic beaches and coastal environment become a memory, rather than an experience accessible to future generations?

A selection of images exhibited.

The Dark Room
In addition to the work exhibited in the Hallway Gallery the small red brick Washhouse in the grounds of Sauerbier House was used for an installation.

Visitors to Sauerbier House during the residency were invited to consider climate change and write their thoughts anonymously about their brightest hopes and darkest fears. A thermal imaging camera was used to create portraits in collaboration with local volunteers.

Visitors to the exhibition of the 5 weeks were also invited to make their anonymous contributions and these will collated and examined to influence a future work.

Radio interviews
Interviews with Radio Adelaide and ABC Radio Adelaide about the exhibition can be found here.

Supported by
Arts South Australia, the City of Onkaparinga and the Helpmann Academy.

Special thanks to
The City of Onkaparinga and their Sauerbier House Artist in residence program.

Jaynie Langford and all of the wonderful volunteers. Nina Keath and the Sustainability Team.

Suntrix Solar for the loan of the Thermal Imaging Camera and the volunteers who donated their time for portraits and those who contributed their darkest fears and brightest hopes.