Brink Productions Land and Sea

Brink Productions Land and Sea behind the scenes

Brink Productions – World Premiere of Land and Sea

I followed the production development of the world premiere season of Land and Sea by Brink Productions from the early meetings through various phases including the review of scale models of the set, costume manufacture, rehearsals in a dance studio, bump-in, set construction and dress rehearsals.

Due to an extraordinary set design and audience experience it was not possible to use a conventional foyer display to exhibit the final collection of photographs as this would spoil the impact. Video projection in the foyer after the performance was considered the safest solution to keep the secrets in-house and still tell the story of the development of the production. The use of text in the images was necessary as it was not appropriate to have a soundtrack for the video in a noisy foyer after the performance.

As there are no plans to stage the production again in the near future I have been given the all clear to display a selection of images online for the first time.

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