SALA is here

Screen shot of SALA website.
Screen shot of SALA website.

4,600 artists presenting work in 630 exhibitions. Start planning now.

The SALA website has all the exhibitions and events and you can search by location, medium and date etc.

Happy planning.

More details on the SALA site.

Home or office?
And in the DIY spirit of SALA utilising the technology available to us I have installed an ordering system on this website. So if there is an artwork you like I would be more than happy to help you have one to display in your home or office or perhaps give as a gift. The photographs are not limited edition so reprints will be made as demands requires.

There are a variety of options available to purchase as unframed prints or in alternative finishes and frames. But first things first, pop down to Jolleys Boathouse before Friday September 30th and have a look.

Only natural pricelist flyer.