Re-Mediating the Wild

This is the theme of COCE2021. The 16th Conference on Communication and Environment presented by the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) online, June 21-24.

The conference brings together artists, practitioners, scholars, students and engaged citizens from around the world to discuss the state of communication related to environmental affairs.

The intent of this theme, Re-Mediating the Wild, is to bring attention to research and practical experience on how best to communicate for the sake of Wildlife and Wild places and address the ways in which communication and culture influence how humans value the Wild and perceive their relationships with the rest of Nature.

In 2019 the theme for the Conference in Vancouver was ‘Water’ and I was fortunate enough to have recently completed an artwork series on rising sea levels and coastal erosion. The series was called Filter and I was able to showcase it there.

The 2021 conference was originally scheduled to be hosted in Hobart, but for obvious reasons that has been postponed to 2022 and this year it will be online. Once again I was fortunate with the theme as I was just completing a new series of work on the human impact on marine environments when submissions to exhibit were requested.

I am looking forward to a few intensive days of listening in and watching sessions and discussion online. Within the conference portal (fee required) delegates can access a specific exhibition space where up to 10 artists from around the world will showcase their artworks and engage via live video chat individually or in small groups.

There are also a number of social sessions in the conference program called Coffee and Cocktails as the timezone you are will determine what is in your tumbler. This is the first time I have formally participated in showing my work online in a live format is I am sure I will learn a lot and no doubt it will be valuable experience for years to come.

The core works I am showing for COCE2021 are the six photographs above and my short moving image work ‘The Ocean was harmed during the making of this film’ (2m16s). These are a selection of works from my solo exhibition ‘Uprising’ that was launched in February 2021.

Best viewed in full screen mode with sound. 2 minutes and 16 seconds.

Re-Mediating the Wild Cover image credit as displayed on homepage.
Photo illustration by Mark Meisner. Original photos by SONY and Diorit are licensed under Creative Commons.