Marine Centre

While in Los Angeles, after the conference in Vancouver, I had a full day planned for a special trip to Catalina Island, just off the coast of LA.

I was the guest of the University of Southern California Wrigley Marine Science Centre. I planned the visit over many months and was fortunate to have the Director, Kenneth Nealson available to escort me and give me a tour of the facility and the diverse initiatives.

About a 90min journey on the Miss Christi took as from San Pedro to the campus near Two Harbors. The arid conditions there have prompted a number of sustainability initiatives looking at water conservation and food waste management alongside the more ambitious Kelp Biofuel project.

I was pleasantly surprised at the wholistic approach to sustainability across the operation of the Centre and was pleased to hear of the large numbers of young people that engage with their programs every year.

Have a look at the links above to read more about the Centre.

The images in the gallery above a mixture taken either on a smartphone or using a toy camera with medium format film (lomography). The red flares are the result of unexpected light exposure to the film.