Gary the Garfish

Gary the Garfish, 2021, Digital vinyl print, 83x84cm.

At the launch of Uprising on Saturday 6 Feb there was such a warm response to this image I felt compelled to share it here along with the back story.

I met Gary at Fannie Bay, Darwin in August 2020. With the guidance and equipment on loan from my mentor Che Chorley, I took my first photographs in the ocean with a professional camera and housing.

It was calm and quiet. We had the beach and water to ourselves mid-afternoon, except one visual blemish. A small dark shape that hovered near the surface in any direction that I pointed the camera. I gave in trying to deceive Gary and chose to photograph the photo-bomber instead.

When you visit Sauerbier House to see the Uprising exhibition you can get up close to Gary adorning a window in the gallery.

Uprising-exhibition-Eastern-Wall featuring Gary the Garfish
Uprising-exhibition-eastern-wall featuring Gary the Garfish