Shop FAQ

Why can't I pay and collect at the venue?

The SALA Festival pops up in a wide variety of non-traditional venues each year and sales arrangements are negotiated individually between the artist and venue. In most cases this is just for a 4 week period. For this exhibition it was agreed that the artist would handle the sales and that brings the benefit of reduced commissions, better returns to the artist and greater opportunity for the artist to build a following. 

What about Delivery?

As there are so many variables for the products there are no pre-determined delivery prices added to orders submitted. As the exhibition is in the Adelaide CBD there is a good chance that delivery could be arranged free of charge to you at an Adelaide CBD location at a mutually agreeable day and time. Suburban locations of Adelaide could also be supplied with free delivery but the decision will be made after you place your order and your location is clarified. For customers who are in regional, interstate or overseas locations shipping costs will be calculated and added to your invoice before your order progresses.

Can I pay online?

Yes, but let’s not rush into this. The website features a modified online shop that allows orders to be taken and then an invoice is sent separately when all details are clear. The invoice will be generated from a PayPal business account and you will have the option to pay online with your PayPal account or with a credit card.

Will the photograph be the same quality as displayed at the venue?

Yes. The print made for you will be a reprint of the same file used to print the exhibition. In most cases the paper it is printed will be the same unless you have requested one of the alternatives offered.

I am in a hurry to to have one as a present, how soon can I get it?

That depends. First we need to confirm your needs (print only or a framed option) and filling an order involves printers and framers who have busy and fluctuating workloads.  2 to 4 weeks is realistic, but if you want something quicker just ask and we will try our best.

Why does it say 'No License' next to the product at Checkout?

That is a feature of the online shopping tool I am not using and it appears there by default. Please disregard it.